Interim Management



Break Management

Interim Management


hunting heads between time Management is a division inside hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group and is particular to put very qualified Top Managers being in the meantime business. Because of our proficient systems administration we can present applicants with 24 - 48 hours. Our hopefuls are chosen identities out of more than 1.000 candidates. Just the individuals who are exceedingly qualified will be enlisted. 90% off all candidates won't be acknowledged. Once more, we search for the ELITE!

The between time Managers presented by hunting heads can break down circumstances and structures quite quick. Turnarounds, Growth, Developments or just overseeing existing structures are being finished with the essential sensibility and know how.

                    - Bridging of opportunities
                    - Management Change 
                    - Software propelling, for example, ERP/SOX/SAP 
                    - Acquisition & Merger
                    - Build up or improve new Business zones 
                    - Managing new joint endeavors 
                    - Change of possession 
                    - Formation of an organization 
                    - Finance (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, BilMoG and so forth.) 
                    - Restructuring
                    - Project administration
                    - Due Diligence
                    - and others

Conceivable assignments for break Managers

Interim Managers are

- C-Level best Managers (CEO, COO, CFO, , CRO, CIO, CMO)
- Long standing venture and initiative experience
- Having know how in your business zone 
- Having magnificent references 
- Ability to deal with emergencies 
- Strong communicators 
- Having social skill 

Points of interest of interim Management

- Interim Managers are accessible at short notice 
- They adjust quick and are educated in many branches and
zones of business - They are autonomous - They acquire crisp reasoning your operation - Direct advantage to the expenses

Points of interest of between time Management

Depending on duration, unpredictability and level the costs are between € 800 and € 3.600 per day. The normal is about € 1.200 every day. .

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