Real Headhunter



Headhunter members and partner corporations from hunting heads Group

All headhunters from the companion companies within hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group seek organization have managed businesses or large businesses themselves..
Every of our headhunter individuals has a life experience of at least forty five years..
Our intention is not to consist of the mass of corporations in our group, it's far rather the excessive excellent requirements which we've got for greater than 20 years.

“headhunters need to be informed“

The real requirements for a headhunter from hunting heads Group and the hurdle to become a member of our Group are by far greater as with our competitors. Successful headhunting is a real mix of great communication skills and fully expert knowledge. You only can advise companies when you have the experience how Enterprises are working.
- Mr. Uwe Zirbes

How we do our job

We only look the real ELITE - to our customers we are looking for most effective the elite, however it also applies to each member of our group and partners

We are tottaly aware that the look for incredibly certified candidates might be less a success the search for as it was in the past years when using the passive way with newspaper adds.

BUT, we can inspire the correct candidates within the interviews to consider a trade!

In the race for the high-quality skilled talent will win practicing the direct search technique as much as perfection – the headhunters. We genuinely recommend to use headhunters having a good record during the last years...