Huntingheads for Companies



hunting Heads for organizations.

Coordinate and direct Search, Board Consulting, CEO Succsession, Teamhunting, Manager heads, chasing her/Interim Management.

We are administration talent scouts. Be that as it may, with heaps of down to earth encounter on the grounds that our talent scouts have all been functioning as best level administrators for different firms and gatherings of organizations, some of them global.

We share these numerous times of fluctuated involvement with you – organizations, associations and foundations direly wishing to fill their opportunities with top-rate competitors or requiring support on basic administration levels in the medium or long haul. Our emphasis is on the accompanying regions:

- C -Level (CIO,CEO,COO,CMO and so on)
- Presidents
- Executive Board Members
- Supervisory Board Members
- Generalist
- Managing Director
- Business Development Managers
- Top Manager
- Director Sales and Marketing Manager

Our talent scout Members are master in the accompanying zones:

• Waste / disposal / recycling
• Drive technology / conveying technology
• Plant construction / special-purpose machines
• Car manufacturing and car accessories
• Automation / process engineering
• Railway technology / rail track technology
• Banking / Allfinanz
• Construction, industrial, commercial, building chemistry
• Building machines
• Biotechnology / biochemistry
• Chemical industry / polymers / PVC / environmental engineering
• Print / packaging / paper / copying systems
• Services / call centers / foundations
• Electrical marketplace / e-business / portals / platforms 
• Energy / power plants/ wind power
• Vehicle construction
• Health / hospitals
• Trade / consumer goods / branded products
• Human resource management
• Healthcare / pharmaceutical industry / communications agencies 
• Information and communication systems
• Industry and technology

• IT systems house / hardware / software
• Adhesives / silicone industry
• Air-conditioning / ventilation / heating / sanitary
• Cosmetics
• Plastics technology / injection-molding machines
• Warehousing, haulage, logistics industry 
• Laser technology / physics / optics
• Printed circuit boards, chip industry / semi-conductors
• Mechatronics / robotics
• Medical technology / medical devices
• Marine engineering / shipbuilding
• Metal / metal processing
• Military / aviation / space travel
• Furniture / office furniture
• Instrumentation, sensor and precision technology
• Raw materials / clay, cement, kaolin
• Lubricants industry 
• Solar energy
• Football player management
• Sport management (football / basket ball)
• Textile industry / fashions
• Coach recruiting
• Association management
• Publishers / books / catalogs / dispatch

We give representatives in administration positions the chance to present their activity application proactively to empower us to approach them when an appropriate opening must be filled. At show, our Manager Pool contains considerably more than 17,000 contact information records of overseeing executives, venture chiefs, top administrators, supervisory board individuals from extensive modern gathering structures, and so forth – every one of them are keen on new difficulties.

We locate the reasonable applicant as individual from your administration group - territoriality, broadly, all around.

We look through the market straightforwardly and, with the Direct Search approach, take a gander at your rivals.

Hunt, choice and examination of candidates for positions in your organization.

We don't depend on putting work advertisements in daily papers – our talent scout organize empowers us to represent you rapidly and productively, universally where suitable, and in this way locate the perfect possibility for you in the worldwide rivalry.

We have the experience and the systems to discover for you as organization, e.g., an appropriate office director or CEO - as new individual from your administration group or temporarily. We counsel with you as organization in immensely essential issues when opportunities requiring extraordinary expert or administration aptitudes must be filled – provincially, broadly or all inclusive. Together with us, discover the contrast between staff expert and genuine scouting.