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hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group stands for Executive Search, Board Consulting and Interim Management. The business unit Doc Search is specialized in the direct search and direct approach of Medical Leaders, Specialized Practitioners, Senior Doctors and Medical Consultants of all disciplines. We only work with the Direct Search /Direct Approach headhunting method (called Direct Search). That means that we source the right candidates directly out of the environment of your competition in Abu Dhabi.

The spectrum of our clients reaches from SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) to global groups of different kinds or even to governmental organizations. The unique selling proposition of hunting heads in Abu Dhabi is that the approach to the candidate is done by the highly experienced headhunter directly. He performs the competence assessments and analyses and he also has set up and/or amended the job profile.

Only then the headhunter himself can sell the job opportunity with lots of self-confidence to the prospective candidate to succeed on every level in Abu Dhabi.

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Confidentiality, a pro-active communication, active listening, an amicable coaching method, an individual and high-class consulting approach, a transparent order execution, a flexible approach to solutions are only a few core elements that are most valued by our clients. We give you the guarantee that your investment leads to success and we find the ideal candidate for your company. If the results do not show up in the agreed period of time we of course continue with the search and do that as long as necessary until the right candidate has been identified. No additional costs are then to be covered by our clients. As soon as we take over a mandate from our clients, we do not touch or headhunt any of the employees of our clients for at minimum 24 months.

Our headhunter in Abu Dhabi have more than 10 years experience in the field of human resources and in consulting companies on a high level. They entertain an extensive network, have close contacts to managers and leaders in the field of business of Abu Dhabi and they are experts in the field of Doc Search.

All our Partner firms and Members across the world are selected and verified to ensure our clients benefit from the highest quality professional standards in executive search. Our occupation rate is 98%.

hunting heads worldwide executive search Group has over 220 international headhunters operating in 35 cities, across 25 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East.. Member firms benefit from sharing best practice and research, and building strong global networks. Access to this expertise enables hunting heads Group Members and Partners to provide the best possible service to clients

We are different! We offer head hunting from first to third level hierarchy. We only search for the elite. Experience the difference between headhunter and staff consultant.

Asia Headquarter:
Level 32 & 33, Interchange 21, 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110
Phone +66 9909 18357

Middle East Headquarter:
Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Level 14 Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai
Phone +971 4556 1906

West Europe Headquarter:
Schlierseestrasse 10, 95445 Bayreuth, Germany
Phone +49 921 50743502

South Europe Headquarter:
Via Andrea Appiani 12, 20121 Milano Italy
Phone +39 02 8055352

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