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The difference between HR Consulting and real headhunting / executive Search

Headhunter U.Zirbes - CEO - hunting heads As per Uwe Zirbes, former founder of hunting heads, often our clients do not know the difference and our highly professional approach is being compared with the much lower standards of so called personal consultants.
This equation is not correct. If someone expects that hunting heads will place expansive advertisements, which the client has to pay and wait till the right candidate will apply, than you are totally wrong. This is not the hunting heads way.

We do not wait till someone will come and hope the right one will apply.

We search actively the market with our direct search method. We look for the elite.
hunting heads – we are different.

The biggest disadvantage of a HR Consultant is obvious. They wait – and  we act and we get the best and not the second best candidates.

hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group belongs to the top 5 executive search Groups within Europe. We are not a personal Agent or a HR Consultant.

We only work with our direct search method and get the candidates out of your competition environment.

According to figures published by the analytical and statistical service Statica, (in 11/2015) about 1,800 companies with about 6000 people active in personnel and HR consulting in all areas in Germany. Another 50 temporary employment agencies "lease" personnel to firms. About 1730 of the traditional HR consultants or HR service providers try to find suitable candidates by placing advertisements in print media or in job portals and other internet platforms in Germany.

Only about 40 firms in Germany are genuine real headhunting companies – like hunting Heads worldwide Executive Search Group – which identify the appropriate top candidates exclusively by direct search in competitor companies, contact them discreetly and – in the best of cases – entice them away.

The decisive criterion is not the size of a company but the experience of industry specialization a genuine headhunter has. Real top candidates – i.e., the best suited personality for your vacant position – are only found in extensive networks, a wealth of experience and, as a rule, through headhunting as your support in the market.

Here is a detailed explanation to the different between HR Consultants and headhunters:

Operation of headhunters:

The real headhunter created together with the customer a qualification and personal profile of the candidate, which they wishes to refer. Then the headhunter creates a qualified profil of the candidate with the qualification, emotions and ratio.

With this profile the real headhunter identify with the researchers ( special trained recruiters, who know the business and the competition at best ) the candidates who work in the same position in the competition. These will attract extreme discret and concerted. If a potential candidate has interest to change within the business,at first the professional and the human qualifications will be check in a personal meeting by special analysis calls.

Before the customer gets the profile of the candidate, at first the headhunter will created an analysis, in which there are write down all relevant facts as well as the personal judgment of the headhunters, if the candidate can achieve selection criteria. So the customer decides about a personal interview with an candidate ,who he does not know, because the data of the candidates will be yet secret. The customer will be available 3 or maximum 4 candidates for selection. At a very high percentage of cases the customer choose one of the featured candidate in the first interview. Than there will be a second interview in which there will be a further end selection of applicants and where the conditions of the contract will discussed. The headhunter is always the first contact person for the candidate and the client. The headhunter is always present at all appointments to the signing of the contract, to act as a consultant for both sides.

Operation of recruiters:

Personnel consultants created together with the customer an advertise text for the vacant position. On behalf of the client they advertise expensive insertions in public media or on jobportals in internet with the money of the clients.

Now the personnel consultant waits and hopes that a candidate responds with an approximately corresponding profile.
This is an uncertain and time consuming process without recruiting the top candidates of their business.

The fewest candidates, who are qualify, apply for this advertisements. They will always activate of real headhunters and they can choose the top positions! Anyone who has written an application and has sent this to a personnel consultant and has hoped that the chance to get a job is greater than to apply directly to a company, has been disappointed. For an advertisement of a personnel consultant there report a lot of candidates, but often only unemployed persons, career changer or professionally inexperienced candidates.

In germany there are according of the BDU ( Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberater ) ca. 1800 enterprises, which are dealing with staffs.
There are ca. 60 temporary employment agencies are working with the rental and leasing of employees in enterprises.

There are ca. 1700 classic personnel consultants which search the personal for their customers with advertising of positions in the print media or internet portals.

Only ca. 40 enterprises are real headhunter agencies, which search the candidates in the competition with direct search. They identiefy, attract and recruit them. It is unrelevant how big the enterprise is, but which experiences the headhunter have in specialized branches. All enterprises want only „the best of the best“ for their leading positions! However, the top candidates work directly in the competition and they are only identifies of a real headhunter.

The decisive factor is that a conventional personnel consultant always has to wait for his candidate, since he works exclusively on media-support jobs. A real headhunter is targeted in the competition for the client, who has an open vacancy, and identifies the ideal candidate by direct search! This will give them only the best candidates from your industry environment.

If you hire a real headhunter, one of the positive side effects is that you also weaken your competition.

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