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The selection of hunting heads headhunters and partners carried out by origin of industries and specialized knowledge, education and experiences in performance, partner-potential and by personality and character. Not everything of all to know is the demand of our consultants, but of selected areas as much as possible. These concentration are for our clients and candidates as well as the permanent qualification of our consultants and partners. Our device: Not only be competent, but remain competent.

Founder of hunting heads Uwe Zirbes

Uwe Zirbes
Uwe Zirbes is a well known and internationally recognized as an active business expert with more than 30 years experience and a very successful career. Uwe Zirbes together with his team helped and assisted more than 17,000 executives and managers around the world to pursue new challenges and succeed into their carrier achievements. He accompanied and fulfilled numerous positions (COO, CIO, CMO, and CEO) in management and supervisory boards and since 2014 he has established his professional and private base in Dubai.

Biografie von Uwe Zirbes

After an intensive self training and hard work period, Uwe Zirbes earned and achieved one of the fastest growths as consulting companies in Belgium into their business and performed complete distribution and development process for their branches and in just four years he reached the level of decision-makers and trend setter business rules.

After training himself and intense Uwe Zirbes earned in an international economic consulting company his first laurels by the complete distribution in Belgium built in just four years and thus rapidly advancing in the forefront of decision-makers.

In 1994 Uwe Zirbes returned to the Federal Republic of Germany to further develop and improve his idea of national advertising on packaging scattered into life. This time the largest manufacturers of packaging found and embrace Mr Uwe Zirbes concepts and ideas and built up the entire sales network throughout Germany.

After a brief insight overlook to the worlds leading Internet job portals, he had a vision to develop and improve this business sector and had founded in 1997 his own Headhunter Institute with the name of Hunting Heads.

Uwe Zirbes is considered the first Headhunter, in 1997 he started offering the direct approach of candidates from department manager level in Europe and thus leaded his company successfully to the top 5 European and No. 1 in Germany, of headhunter firms.

The internationalization of its hunting heads and thereby resulting free and independent corporate association of hunting heads executive search worldwide Group started in 2000 with the opening of a Spanish branch. In the following years, the network spread across Europe and has now served customers in Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Russia, Italy, Asia and the Middle East .

Today we are trusted advisor to many of the worlds most respected organizations and a leading Executive Search firm, with more than 220 Headhunters and 35 offices in 23 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Uwe Zirbes was appointed in May 2006 in the European Economic Senate (EWS). Having him as representative till 2009 and being the only chosen headhunter/recruitment company into this important and meaningful commercial body and institution, has leaded to major improvements and successful accomplishments for all European business environment.

He had established also in 2007 the Hummer Racing Team. It is the first European Hummer Racing team which took on the challenge to drive some of the toughest rallies in the world and to master - Libya Rally, the Rally Grand Erg or even the legendary Rally Erg Oriental in Tunisia - often successfully finished. In 2008, Uwe Zirbes had won together with his team the title of German Off-road Rally Champion, which he reaffirmed it in 2009. In 2011 he finished second in Mexico - the Norra rally. The third title of the German Offroad Rally Champion was won in 2013 and with this last award; Uwe Zirbes put on hold his motor-sport career.

In 2014, Uwe Zirbes and his wife moved to UAE to accompany the further development of the group in the Middle East and Asia. After the sale of the company, he provides his consultancy services.

His vast and rich expertise in building and conducting businesses, finding and coaching the best managers and executives around the world, is qualifies him as one of the real headhunters and best advisor, as well as a representative voice for this industry. Today, he is an important mentor to various corporate groups, economists, financial administrators, investment advisors, business leaders, lawyers and notaries for the implementation and development of programs as a chance for a better life.

Private Zirbes is very heavily involved in cultural foundations and institutions. He is the sponsor of Strahlemännchen.eV, deploy for terminally ill children or donates in the S.0.S. years Childrens Village.

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